Natural Organic Hemp Fiber

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Strength and Durability

Since millennium hemp fibers has be recognized as a strongest and most durable of natural fibers with high tensile strength, wet strength and other characteristics.


Superior Quality

Hemp has the superior quality to linen in textiles that lasts longer and is more environmentally friendly. Many companies use in the panels because of strong and lighter weight.


Environmental and Health

There are many environmental and health benefits using hemp made products. Hemp fibers reinforced thermoplastics and have negative environmental issues associated with glass fibre.


Extremely Nutritious

Hemp food and oil contains many benefits for our health and used in foods and nutraceutical products for humans and animals, as well as in personal care products.



Hemp seed oil has higher levels of essential Acids and other ‘heart-healthy’ properties (EFAs) and has the highest complete protein concentration other than soy.


Pulp and Paper

Hemp bast fibres require less treatment for pulp production, and the strength of hemp fibres makes them ideal for use in highend paper applications, where durability is an advantage.


Innovative ideas
Supports rural communities

We use one hundred percent pure hemp for our production and have partner with various artesian within South Asian countries as well as works with local communities for innovation and development our new production. We currently carry unique and creative fashionable line of products in the market or online. We have the legit knowledge of hemp and its production and facility to produce pure hemp production beginning from the seeding process to growing, molding the plants to incorporating into the textile. Thereafter, proceed to designing, creating unique and various style of garment line of products by our artisans with their hands.

In addition to our full production, we are fully dedicated to serve rural communities especially in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Philippines. We have partnered with global artisans because, we believe high quality service will be render and take a pride in the accomplishments valuing the partnership based on the support that we provide to their local communities. We respect and trust it is important to support the local communities by providing percentage of sold products to the communities to support education, clean water, food and overall well-being of the communities.

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Art & Culture

Art and culture creates unique formation in a fashion design, which gives complete exhilaration of gratification when being expose. Therefore, we have gone beyond to manufacture new line of products not only gives you conspicuous look but also gratify your impression.


Touches of talent expose

Artisans have the unique talent to create amazing products, which denotes the expressions of their culture or community. It is the major employment opportunity for their livelihood in many under developed countries and often a significant part of the economy.

We intend to be part of a much larger home for local and international handicrafts accessory market, which includes uniquely design and handicrafts goods, greatly benefiting local and international artisan’s community.

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100% Hemp made and handmade summer hat, enough to cover your face with thick layer to keep your face cool.

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Virtuous and conspicuous the only shoulder hemp bag with unique design, perfect for casual walk indeed.

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Cannabis symbol 100% Hemp shoulder back, handmade and durable for carrying your laptop while travel.

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Original Hemp, grantee eco-friendly, handmade with uniquely design for your comfortable ware any time.

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Visu Craft’s artisans are from various countries and provinces with common goals on productions of handicraft products, which strongly influenced by fashion trends, consumer purchasing patterns, and economic conditions in end markets.

Image: Tiago Rosado